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Capabilities & Contract Manufacturing

Services Since 1952, Storch Magnetics has assisted Industry Professionals with engineering, design and supply of Permanent & Electromagnetic technologies, including: Precision Metal Fabricated Products,  magnetic products – devices – components from prototype/testing to production, providing Quality Magnetic Solutions for Manufacturing and Processing Industries of all types.  Some of our Valued customers also like our complimentary integrated value added Metal Components Manufacturing.

Laser Cutting Metal Fabrication Services:

Storch Services Include:

  • Delivery Services – Call for details
  • Quick Quotes & Online RFQ’s (Request for Quotes)
  • On Time Shipments & Optional expediting of shipments.
  • Online Orders of standard inventory
  • ISO Certification and processes for continuous improvement.
  • Application & Engineering Assistance
  • Direct Field Service and Manufacturers representatives, and working with you or your Industry distributor for simplified sourcing.
  • Proprietary manufacturing equipment processing High Energy, Rare Earth, Ceramic Ferrite, Alnico Magnet Materials and finished product assembly.
  • Video of your application/product test or pre-shipment as requested.
  • Guarantee & Warranty of products performance to documented applications.
  • Founding MDFA Member (Magnetic Distributors, Fabricators, Association). MDFA since has merged under IMA (International Magnetics Association)
  • Load Cell Test Equipment of holding magnets to IMA/MDFA standards.
  • Flexible Manufacturing facility complimented by CNC Metals Fabrication, contemporary job shop machining and other secondary processes; Milling, Drilling, Lathe, Grinding, Diamond, Abrasive and  Production Saw Cutting, Magnetizing, Painting, Coating, & Testing.
  • We will Rebuild and/or Service Magnetic Conveyors, Magnetic Separators, and Magnetic Equipment whether they are NEW, USED or REBUILT.
  • Perform Inspection Audits of:
    • Magnetic Equipment
    • Conveyors
    • Separators
    • Magnetic Components
    • Tools
    • Assemblies

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