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How Does A Magnetic Conveyor Operate?

Ferrous material is dropped onto the receiving end of the magnetic conveyor. Magnets moving beneath the stationary slider plate (magnetically) carry the ferrous material to the discharge end of the conveyor. At the discharge end of the conveyor the slider plate curves, and as the magnets pull away from the slider plate product is released and drops off the end of the conveyor.

Magnetic Conveyor Features

  • Ceramic (standard) or Neodymium (optional) magnets
  • Oversized, solid-pin roller chain
  • Spring-loaded automatic self-adjusting take-up
  • D3 chain attachments provide floating magnet attachment, eliminating binding

Enclosed, One-Piece Construction

  • Contaminates are kept out, eliminating wear
  • All moving parts continuously lubricated by oil bath
  • Jam-free operation
  • Safer workplace and employees


Magnetic Conveyor Moving Scarf

Magnetic Slide Conveyor Conveying Chips

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