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Air Quake Pneumatic Shaker

Air Quake 25 Shown w/ Bill for Size

Storch’s Air Quake Shaker models are pneumatically powered.  They are ideal for conveying small parts and scrap.  Air Quake Shakers are designed around a high quality, low maintenance, low air volume module that can support single or multiple trays as required.  Application weight requirements determine size of the Air Quake model needed.

These shakers can convey just about anything. Shakers are commonly used when you have restrictions for other more common material handling solutions like magnetic conveyors, steel hinge belts or rubber belts.


  • Operates with minimal noise, lowest volume of compressed air on the market.
  • Unique air valve design of Air Quake vibratory part feeder module delivers smooth, efficient operating action.
  • Multi-tray capability using only one Air Quake module.


  • Easy tray change-out supports quick die changes.
  • Eliminates costly belt repairs.



Universal Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) kit available (AQ-FRL-KIT)
   (1) AQ25 fitting
   (1) AQ100/AQ220 fitting
   (1) FRL unit
   (1) 15ft air hose

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do these shakers typically last?

   - If balance is maintained, you have clean air and the O-rings are properly lubricated these shakers can last 6 months or 10 millions cycles before O-ring replacement is necessary.

Maintenance Requirements?

   - O-ring replacement is needed every 6 months or 10 million cycles

Can you adjust the speed of the shake?

   - We provide the recommended Strokes/minute but it is adjustable on the unit.

Does the Shaker have to be level?

   - Yes, you can mount the tray on an angle but not the unit itself.  

Is there a limit to the size of the tray?

   - The tray size is only limited by the weight maximum and needing to make sure its balanced and supported if it overhangs the unit.


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