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DC Power Supplies

Storch D.C. Power Supplies are available in four types with various levels of output to let you control electromagnetic forces with precision, just as your application demands.  NEMA 12-J.I.C. oil tight, industrial type enclosures are standard.  Pilot light, control switches, etc., are available options.


  • Multiple types available


  • Many configurations to fit your application


Fixed Output DC Power Supply

Provides rectified voltage for constant power.  Common for all other power supplies.



Reversing Output DC Power Supply

Provides feature of inducing a reversing current to eliminate residual induction for release of small parts.  Designed to be controlled by PLC.

Variable Output (0-100%) DC Power Supply

Provides adjustable voltage from zero to full rated voltage.  Fine tuning capability makes them ideal for lifting single thin gauge parts from stacks without lifting two or more parts.

Variable and Reversing Output DC Power Supply

Provides two features for maximum operation control and application flexibility.



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