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Magnetic & Conveyors Separator Pulleys

Magnetic Conveyor w/Separator Pulleys


  • Lifetime Guarantee of Permanent Magnet Strength
  • Less than 1% magnetic loss in 100 years
  • Permanent or Electromagnetic Conveyors to suit
  • Reliable tramp metal separation & removal


  • Increase final product quality rates
  • Increase Productivity, Uptime & Profitability
  • Low noise operation provides safer work environment  

Magnetic Pulleys & Magnetic Separator Conveyors

Storch Magnetic pulleys simply mount in place of your head pulley or we may integrate the Storch Magnetic Pulley with a Storch Industrial conveyor to accommodate your application. Any ferrous metal mixed with your product is captured and held to the belt face and carried 180 degrees to the underside of the pulley and released via air gap. While your product conveyed maintains a normal path and trajectory. If further transfer under the belt conveyor is desired Storch magnetic conveyor rails may be used.

Diverse industry applications: recycling/processing of aluminum, plastic, glass, wood, and other non-ferrous materials flows including chemicals, food, grains, textile, ceramic and coal. Metal recovery/separation of screws, nails, fasteners, blanks, wire, chain, tools and various ferrous objects from your product flows. Cleated belts may be advised in some applications.

  • Storch magnetic pulleys efficiently separates unwanted tramp iron from bulk materials while being maintenance free!
  • Eliminates potential processing, product and equipment damage
  • Self Cleaning magnet feature with permanent magnet guarantee.
  • Magnet Pulleys may be sized to convert your belt conveyor into a self cleaning magnetic separator or belt conveyor with pulley may be supplied.
  • Lifetime Guarantee of permanent Magnet Strength. Less than 1% loss in 100 years when properly used.
  • Options of Storch Magnetic Pulleys: High Strength Ceramic or Rare Earth Neodymium, Flat & Crowned pulley face, hubs; recessed, flush, extended or no hub, Keyways, taper locks, set screws, fixed steel or stainless steel shaft, no shaft.
  • Used individually or with Storch Suspended Overhead Magnetic Separators.

High Powered Magnetic Pulleys sized to accommodate your: belt, speed, width, and thickness, product/burden depth, max.-min. particle size, conveyor incline, sizes/volume of ferrous metals to be removed are evaluated.

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