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The SuperMag by Storch also is a great tool for picking up metal on shared places in our communities, like athletic fields, parks and hiking trails. Read more about how SuperMag is making our public spaces safer for everyone.

Storch supports two local students for their high school science fair

Storch recently provided all the magnets and specification information needed for two Commerce Township homeschool students, Joey and Maria, to conduct their science fair project. The project tested the effects of magnetism on plant germination and growth. The science fair was held in early April at Shepherd’s Gate Church in Shelby Township by Michigan Homeschool Connections.

Early research indicated that magnets can increase plants growth with one study indicating by as much as 40%, and Joey and Maria did great work on the project in coming to their own conclusions. Overall, the teens displayed both understanding and tenacity in conducting the experiments, documenting and reporting the results.

If your local school needs help for any projects or supporting educational needs, we’re is happy to help where possible!

Saginaw Valley students select Storch’s SuperMag for their Capstone project

Storch is working closely with a group of senior mechanical engineering students finishing their engineering capstone class at Saginaw Valley State University to aid us in the manufacturing process of the SuperMag, one of its signature products.

This first half of this two-semester project was completed this spring with an emphasis on research and development and engineering. In the fall the students will build out a design of their choosing at our office in Livonia to complete the manufacturing of the product.

The five selected Storch over other, larger companies. They collectively believed that working on a project of this caliber for a smaller company creates more engagement and excitement throughout the entire business, which has a greater overall impact on the company as a whole. The students have successfully increased the production rate of the SuperMag, while ensuring an even higher level of safety and efficiency for our employees.

Thanks to these bright young engineers – Adam, Anthony, Haley, Jacob and Zachary for their hard work
and dedication and to Saginaw Valley State Professor Dr. Brooks Byram, the project advisor.

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