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Magnetic Bolt & Nut Pickers

Bolt & Nut Pickers



  • Lifetime Guarantee of Permanent Magnet Strength
  • Less than 1% loss in 100 years
  • Finest of Magnetic Materials used meeting IMA/MMPA standards
  • Stainless steel models available upon request


  • Save $$ by avoiding personal
  •  Improves safety


Magnetic Bolt & Nut Pickers allow the rapid handling of various sizes & shapes of iron and steel parts from boxes and stock bins.  Magnetic Bolt & Nut Pickers simplify operations involving loading, unloading, sorting, weighing & packaging of small and large parts.  Stainless Steel models available.

Magnetic Retrieval Tool

1 1/8″ diameter and 36″ length – D001-E5060R.  Rare Earth High Energy Neodymium Magnetic Retrieval Tool, with Safe and Easy Release and Soft, Ergonomic Handle. 

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