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Chip Coolant Separators


What is it?

  • High Energy Magnetic Drum Separator
  • Self-cleaning magnet.
  • No paper products or filter elements to buy or dispose of.
  • 98% Separation Efficiency down to 10-20 Micron.
  • Most Dependable Non-Disposable maintenance free Magnetic Pre-Filter Available.
  • Rugged Industrial Magnetic Drum built to Outperform & Outlast!
  • Unit operates in continuous mode.

What is it used for?

  • Chip Coolant separators are specifically designed to integrate with chip-producing machine tools and grinding machines, or as part of a central coolant system.


  • Eliminate/Reduce up to 98% of Filter Media expenses.
  • Multiply life of Coolant.
  • Increase Tooling Life.
  • Protect Pumps and Nozzles.
  • Cut Maintenance Costs.
  • Reduce Downtime.
  • Improve Profits!
  • Engineered to Outlast, Outperform & provide the BEST VALUE!
G200, G200-50, G200-100, G200-150, G200-200, G200-300, G200-400, G200-500, G200-600P, G200-800P, G200-1000P, G200-1500P, Automag

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