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Storch 2 1/2″ Pitch Steel Hinge Belt Conveyor

Medium to large parts, fasteners & scrap handling, and medium to heavy chip handling transfers, along with applications that create stringers and bird’s-nests require a more heavy-duty designed Storch 2-1/2″ pitch steel hinge belt conveyor with a 9″ tall frame. Hinge belt components manufactured from heavy gauge, durable steels.

Storch 2-1/2″ Pitch Steel Hinge Belt Conveyor w/Open Discharge & Overhead Drive



  • All conveyors engineered to meet your specifications
  • Heavy duty drive train with integrated gear motors and slip-clutch overload protection
  • Precision CNC Laser-cut & formed body and tracking
  • Heavy Duty fixtured & welded tracking
  •  Simple, external belt tension adjustment take-ups
  • Removable cover plates provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance


  • Increase Productivity, Uptime & Profitability
  • Increase chip and scrap value & reduce coolant loss
  • Heavy duty construction = Longer life cycle & Higher ROI

Belt Options: Smooth, Perforated, Pimpled, Pimpled-Perforated, Import Bars

Typical Applications: CNC Machining, CNC Turning, Vertical & Horizontal Milling, Light-Medium Gauge Metal Stamping, Cold Heading, Parts Feeding, Central Scrap Collection

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