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Electromagnetic Lifts

Multipurpose Electromagnetic lift with on/off control


  • Concentrated holding power
  • Multiple sizes and strengths available


  • Many configurations to fit your application

Electromagnetic lift with pendant controls for lifting tank heads

Storch Magnetics offers both a standard line of Electromagnets and Custom Designed Electromagnetic Lift systems to suit your application. Let the Storch Engineering team, with over 50 years experience engineering electromagnetic systems, design the optimum electromagnetic field and manufacture your next Electromagnet Lift Solution. The lifts below show use of electromagnets in some specialty applications for load lifting industrial electro magnets. The advantage of being able to control the magnetic field using an electrical signal makes the electro magnet the best choice for certain applications. Battery backup or uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) can be used to maintain safe lifting even during an electrical power outage and electromagnet use.



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