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Demagnetizing Conveyors

Storch Demagnetizers are used when residual magnetism problems exist in parts or raw materials.  Demagnetizers are used for continuous or intermittent duty.  Standard Demagnetizer features include mounting brackets, conduit boxes and heavy duty phenolic housings.

The high energy alternating magnetic field present in the opening of the unit will demagnetize the residual flux in most mild and alloy tool steels.  Larger parts may require a particular orientation to achieve satisfactory results.  Parts must enter and exit the demagnetizer at an even rate of flow and must be at least 12″ from the demagnetizer exit before de-energizing the unit. Excellent for continuous flow with conveyor belt thru-feed.  Any conveyor components remaining within sphere of magnetic field must be a non-magnetic stainless steel to avoid induction heating.  Soft Metals such as aluminum, etc., are not recommended to be used with the conveyor demagnetizer.


  • Multiple sizes and strengths available


  • Many configurations to fit your application


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