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DragOn™ Conveyor

Contaminated coolant is deposited into the infeed of the DragOn™ conveyor and is then paddled along the horizontal infeed section.  Just prior to the incline sits an opening for coolant to flow down and underneath a Rare Earth Magnetic Chip Coolant Separator. Clean coolant goes right back into your tank. A moist Cake of “swarf and chips” are collected by the Magnetic Separator and are rotated back to the surface where the series of stainless steel paddles then slowly drags the cake up the incline and towards the discharge head allowing even more coolant to drain back towards the Magnetic Separator. This simple process requires no paper media.



  • All conveyors engineered to meet your specifications
  • Heavy duty drive train with integrated gear motors and slip-clutch overload protection
  • Precision CNC Laser-cut & formed body and tracking
  • Heavy duty oversized roller side-chain
  • Simple, external chain tension adjustment take-ups
  • Removable cover plates provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Ultra high energy rare earth magnetic filtration


  • Replaceable tracking extends conveyor life
  • Increase productivity, uptime & profitability
  • Increase chip and scrap value & reduce coolant loss by up to 60%
  • Paperless system, 98% efficiency with No consumable media required

Save expensive coolant and increase scrap value – 60% less coolant carryover in your scrap hopper compared to Magnetic Slide COnveyors and other traditional conveyors.


The DragOn™ separates & conveys chips, fines, and swarf down to 5-10 micron – 98% efficiency with NO paper media needed*.


Extend your existing filter bag life by 10 times existing systems with secondary bag filters can reduce consumption of bags by 980% or improve your filtering system to a whole new level by decreasing the micron filter size.


Ferrous Or Non-Ferrous Conveyance!

In addition to being one of the best options for ferrous filtration, the DragOn™ can handle non-ferrous chips with a small drop plate to bypass the magnetic separator.


Over 40 years of expertise in the chip and fine conveyance industry has lead Storch’s R&D team to this exciting break though in technology. The DragOn™ is the end result of integrating two existing Storch technologies (Drag-Flight Conveyor and Chip Coolant Separator) to create the ultimate ferrous pre-filter conveyor system. Storch offers 6 standard widths, up to 140 GPM capacities and over 1000 lbs per hour of chips, fines, and swarf removal.


*Contaminated coolant containing cast iron &/or steel chips, fines, or swarf has an effective separation of 98% down to 15-20 Microns. Further separation occurs down to 5-10 microns at various lower percentages based on ferrous metal grade being machined, coolant or oil type and GPM rate.

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