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Flexible Magnets

A Higher Energy Versatile Flexible Material used in many commercial and industrial applications.  The advantages of Flexible magnets include ease of machining and cutting, corrosion and weather resistant, light weight and electrical non-conductors suitable for high voltage and high frequency applications.  Flexible magnetic strips and sheets are a solid, non-porous extrusion which can be supplied in a wide variety of sizes and magnetic configurations.  Available Plain or with adhesive backing.


The magnetic strength increases with the size of the Flexible Magnetic strip.  A 0.250 x 0.093″ strip exerts a pull of 1 lb. per foot.  A 1.875 x 0.156″ strip exerts a pull of 16 lbs per foot.  Magnetic strength decreases about 5% with each 10°F increase in temperature up to 175° F maximum operating temperature.


  • Technical application assistance from prototype to production
  • Easily cuttable and machinable
  • Many grades, sizes and configurations


  • Expertise in applying over 100 million magnets
  • Versatile for many applications

Flexible Magnetic Strips

Flexible Magnetic Strips or Rolls

 Flexible Magnetic Rolls

Magnets with 1-Pole polarity are oriented for magnetism with a single and equal strength pole on opposite faces.  Can be combined with metal pole pieces to increase strength.

Magnets with 4-Pole polarity or greater have multiple poles that run laterally and parallel along one or both faces of the wider magnetic strips and down the length.

If you are looking for a specific size, shape or strength Rubber/Flexible Magnet that you know exists but doesn't appear on this list please give us a call because we can source it for you.

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