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Magnetic Beltless Slide Conveyors


Storch Beltless Magnetic Slide Conveyor


  • Over-sized, solid-pin roller chain
  • Self-adjusting internal take-up
  • Moving parts lubricated by internal oil bath
  • All conveyors engineered to meet your specific application
  • All components precision laser-cut & CNC formed     


  • 3 Times the service life of traditional Steel Hinge Conveyors
  • Increases Productivity, Uptime & Profitabilty
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Avoid the untold cost & damages caused by exposed moving parts of other types of conveyors

Storch Beltless Magnetic Slide Conveyors provide Industrial Automation conveying hot, cold, wet, oily or dry ferrous materials virtually anywhere trouble-free conveying is required.  Magnetic Beltless Conveyors, with permanent and powerful ceramic or rare earth magnets, chain driven under a non-moving slide plate, are ideal for conveying small turnings, stampings and small assembly components as well as scrap such as punch-outs, trim stock and chips. Whether your need is for light duty jobs or heavy work loads, the four series of Storch Magnetic Beltless Slide Conveyors are designed with all moving parts completely enclosed so there’s nothing to jam, become contaminated or wear.  And, being beltless magnetic conveyor, with no external moving parts means these conveyors are safe for employees. Beltless Magnetic Slide Conveyors from Storch can be configured with perforated side guides, auxiliary collection tanks and vertical rises to efficiently and economically separate parts or scrap from oils and coolant.  This results in simpler coolant reclamation with less wear and tear on filtering equipment and machinery.  Plus, dryer chips means more value and less danger to the environment.


Why Buy Storch Beltless Magnetic Slide Conveyors?

Storch Beltless Mag-Slide Conveyors are custom built to order, using your sizing specifications and our 35+ years of application and Manufacturing experience.  Place an order and you’ll have an approval drawing that you can lay into your floor plan to review prior to manufacturing.Storch designs each and every Beltless Magnetic Conveyor using AutoCAD computer software, and we cut all sheet metal components using our own CNC Laser Cutter.All Flat Laser cut sheet metal components and those requiring bending are bent using our NC Press Brake.  This type of manufacturing means every single detail from re-buildable bolt in tracking to a chain guard, support leg or motor mounts can be reproduced using your provided serial number within a few thousands tolerance of the original.  Damage will occur and Storch’s ability to react to quick replacement parts is second to none.… A new Magnetic Beltless Conveyor or replacement part is only a phone call away!

How the Beltless Magnetic Slide Conveyor System Works

Typical Applications: CNC Machining Grinding & Lapping, CNC Turning, Vertical & Horizontal Milling, Light-Medium Gauge Metal Stamping, Cold Heading, Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts & Washers, Screws, Parts Feeding and Central Scrap Collection

Storch Magnetics has pre-engineered, ready-to-manufacture Magnetic Beltless Slide Conveyors to fit the following Machining Centers:




The safest, most dependable, and most effective conveyor type for you and your employees. Less moving parts means fewer injuries, and less maintenance means your employees don't have to worry about a broken machine causing problems.

Fully Automated

An industrial automated process (runs on its own)

Maintenance Free

Maintenance-free operation doesn't require you to spend a lot of money on the cost of repairs, replacement parts, and keeps your custom conveyor running longer, allowing you to keep your processes running without interruption.

Best ROI

  • Increases productivity, uptime & profitability
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Avoids untold costs & damages of conveyors with exposed, moving parts

Guaranteed Operation

We provide complimentary testing of your product samples to guarantee the success of your investment.

Contaminant Free

Our custom conveyors operate with no cross-contamination.

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