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Alnico Magnets

For more than 50 years Storch Magnetics has taken pride in assisting Industry Professionals in proper selection and application of Alnico Magnets. Storch Magnetics provides both standard off-the-shelf and custom Alnico Magnets from prototype to production. Alnico Magnets primary alloy composition consists of Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt. Alnico Magnets are known for exceptional heat resistance/temperature stability, hard & brittle material while being a low to moderate strength magnet. Storch inventories the following shapes: Bars, Rods, Rails, side Pole Rotors, Rotors, and Horseshoe Magnets.  Precision Magnet Cutting, Grinding, EDM, Fabrication and assembly to your specifications and tolerances quoted upon request.


Alnico Magnets perform well for applications with operating temperatures above 400 degrees F.  The main elements of aluminum, nickel and cobalt are cast to dimensions proven to be of use for many applications such as holding assemblies and sensing devices.

Full length rods and bars can be supplied in shorter lengths. For best results, Alnico lengths should be no less than five times the diameter cross-section.


  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance & temperature stability


  • Operating Temperatures up to 1000°F

Cast Alnico 5 Rod Magnets

Tolerance: Dia. +/-.020″, Length +/-.125″, Magnetized thru length, unless 2 poles on 1 face specified.

Ground Alnico 5 Rod Magnets

Tolerance: Dia. +/-.001″, Length +/-.125″, Magnetized thru length, unless 2 poles on 1 face specified.


Cast Alnico 5 Bar Magnets

Tolerance: Thk & Width +/-.020″, Length +/-.125″, Magnetized thru length, unless 2 poles on 1 face specified.


Cast Alnico 5 Ring Magnets

Tolerance: Ends ground to +/-.005″, Magnetized thru length, unless 2 poles on 1 face specified.


Alnico 5 Disc Rotor Magnets

Tolerance: Ends +/-.005″, OD +/-.001″, Magnetism oriented around diameter.


Alnico 5 Rotor Magnets

Tolerance: Back & poles +/-.005″.


Cast Alnico 5 Horseshoes

Tolerance: Ground on pole faces, Magnetized as a “U”.


Cast Alnico 5 Round Horseshoe Magnets

Sintered Alnico 2 Horseshoe Magnets

NOTE: Magnets will be shipped MAGNETIZED unless otherwise specified.

A FULL list of everything available would be huge. Additional sizes, metric sizes and high temperature variants available in all grades. 

If you are looking for a specific size, shape or strength Neodymium that you know exists but doesn't appear on this list please give us a call because we can source it for you.

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