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Ceramic Magnets

Storch Magnetics stocks a large inventory of standard ceramic magnets (Strontium Ferrite).  Ceramic, known as the workhorse of the magnetics industry, offers: lower cost, strong magnet strength and good variation in design for most applications with excellent resistance to demagnetization.

Ceramic Magnetic Materials


  • Ceramic Magnet Materials Manufactured in ISO 9000 facilities
  • Grades 1, 5, and 8 meets or exceeds IMA/MMPA & MDFA standards.
  • Inventory magnet shapes off shelf available in Blocks, Rings, Rounds, and Rectangles
  • Magnet Cutting, Grinding, Fabrication and assembly to your specifications and tolerances quoted upon request.

Ceramic magnets are very hard and brittle and should not be used as a structural element.  Holes cannot be drilled in Ceramic magnets with conventional tooling.  Standard block sizes below – If special sizes are required send specifications for quote.


  • Technical application assistance from prototype to production
  • All Grades, Sizes and Configurations
  • Blocks, Rings, Rounds, Arcs and Specials
  • Cutting, Grinding, Fabrication and Assembly to your specifications


  • Expertise in applying over 100 million magnets
  • Best strength to cost ratio


 Ceramic 5 or 8 Magnetic Blocks

Std Tolerances:  Thickness +/-.005, Width and length +/-.030.
*Denotes available magnetized only


Ceramic 5 Magnetic Rings

Ceramic 8 Magnetic Slugs

Ceramic 1 Magnets

**Please Call for Availability**

NOTE: Magnets will be shipped MAGNETIZED unless otherwise specified.


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