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Supermag 88 Front Mount Sweeper

For nearly 40 years customers that wanted to use magnetic sweepers for picking up ferrous debris off job sites only had the option of a tow behind trailer based apparatus. Storch Magnetics  New Supermag 88 Front Mount Sweeper (Patent Pending) is the world’s first self-cleaning permanent magnet engineered specifically to work in front of the tires of the work vehicle.


Supermag 88 uses your existing Straight Blade snow plow hook up’s requiring no additional equipment/attachments.  In the comfort of the cab the operator can use a standard 4 button plow controller. The operator can raise and lower the Supermag 88 assembly just like a snow plow blade using the up and down buttons.  The Plow hand controller left/right buttons cycle the hydraulic cylinder inside the housing – rotating the permanent magnet on and off.


The Supermag 88 offers 880 square inches of sweeping surface area. Engineered with oversized permanent ceramic magnets for maximum reach-out and pulling power, the Supermag 88 can reduce tire damage and personal injury in many different Commercial and Industrial applications by removing hazardous ferrous metal debris off of asphalt, concrete, grass and gravel roadways.


Make Money ALL YEAR With Your Plow!

Metal is everywhere and your customers will pay for a service to make sure that their fleet, customers, and residents are not in harm’s way of costly flat tires. Perfect for:

  • manufacturing facilities
  • airports
  • landfills
  • shipping receiving
  • parking lots
  • subdivision developments
  • construction sites
  • equipment rentals
  • metal processing facilities
  • warehouses
  • landfills
  • shipping/receiving yards
  • airports
  • and much more.


Storch’s Supermag 88 Permanent Magnetic Road Sweeper attracts hazardous tire damaging steel, screws, nails, bolts, wire, rebar scrap and other ferrous metal debris.




  • Corner Marker’s with simple magnet on off indicator
  • Adjustable ground clearance height of 2”-3”
  • Effective magnetic sweeping speeds up to 15 MPH
  • Puncture resistant tires for smooth contoured surfaces
  • Stainless Steel Body is corrosion and weather resistant
  • No external Pinch Points
  • Aerodynamic design travels well at speed and provides an easy visual of ground when used on a SSL mount
  • Medium quick disconnect implement hydraulic hoses
  • Simple push/pull hydraulic cylinder turns the magnet on and off via auxiliary controller


  • Promotes safety and lowers tire repair and maintenance costs
  • Exclusive Ground to Scrap Bin discharge direct when used on a Skid Steer or Forktruck
  • Fastest method for cleaning large lots of ferrous debris
  • Standard Universal Mounting: fits Trucks, Skid Steers and Hilo/Forktrucks




Watch The Supermag 88 In Action

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