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SmCo Round Magnet Assembly 0.5" Diameter x 0.375" H - Grade SmCo32, Brass sleeved finish

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.500 x .375 BS high temp Brass Sleeved SmCo32 Holding Assembly high temp (576 degree F)

Product Specifications

Magnet Type: SmCo
Plating: Brass sleeved
Magnet Grade: 32
Magnet Shape: ["Round"]
Gauss: 4100-4300
Pull Force: 8.90
Magnetic Field Orientation: 0.375
Max Working Temp: 662 smco30
Curie Temp: 1472 SmCo30
Outer Diameter (in): 0.5000
Outer Diameter (mm): 12.7
Inner Diameter (mm): 0
Thickness (mm): 9.525
Magnet Width (mm): 0
Magnet Length (mm): 0

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